Leo Pollard is an educator from New Orleans, with over 10 years of experience in work that focuses primarily on physical education and mathematics. Leo’s desire teach dates back to his his experiences as a teenage football coach, and was reinforced by the principles of his college fraternity, which prioritizes education and helping others. Subsequently, Leo has dedicated his life to preparing children to succeed and overcome barriers which impede bright futures.This is one of my favorite ties!

Outside of teaching, Leo Pollard is intrigued with men’s clothing and the fashion experience. For as long as he can remember, Leo Pollard has enjoyed studying and exhibiting trends, exploring creative ways to improve on the latest styles and make them more unique.¬†With maturity, Leo Pollard has developed an affinity for the professional, classic aesthetic, which incorporates blazers, collared shirts and bow ties, his signature and preferred accessory. For Leo, bowties exemplify the most refined facets of manhood, with complexity and personality that is both fascinating and¬†inspiring to onlookers. Because of exquisite style and knack for fashion, Leo Pollard is often called upon by friends and acquaintances to assist with clothing recommendations and suggestions. Leo is regarded among his peers as representing the look of a gentleman.

Still, though classic, Leo Pollard is a chameleon when it comes to wearing and creating other styles of clothing. Like other true creatives, Leo is able to evolve and master his approach to best reflect both the times and environment. As such, Leo has also inspired his students who see his investment and concern for appearance as aspirational.

When teaching young, impressionable children about reaching goals and being their best selves, academically, presenting a confident, curated impression communicates value in oneself and high esteem. Leo Pollard is fully aware that clothing doesn’t fully capture these concepts, but they are a byproduct of someone who sees worth and importance in himself as well as those to whom he is presenting.

With this website, Leo hopes to continue to inspire his students and peers sartorially. Whatever the style, individuals can articulate agency and identity through clothing, before they ever say a word. Because first impressions are lasting, every person should take the time and the care to decide what he wants to say to the world. Through personal tips, stories, and ideas, Leo Pollard plans to make easier that process and exemplify bold, individual character and quality. Join in the conversation!