Leo Pollard

A bow tie has become more abnormal, as time continues to change. In today’s society, you are more likely to see people with a regular necktie versus a bow tie. The style of a necktie has become the more popular and basic trend. Although wearing a necktie has become prominent over time, people should consider wearing a bow tie. This form of a tie brings back the style of the 40’s and 50’s when wearing a bow tie was a normal fashion trend. To give you some insight on bow ties, I have created a list on three reasons why wearing a bow tie can be beneficial to your style and success.


1) Bow Ties Generates Confidence

Wearing a bow tie will get you noticed and help you emerge from the competition when going on an interview. Wearing a bow tie, with a tailored suit and polished shoes, demonstrates the sense of style and confidence. The bow tie isn’t ostentatious or worn to be seen for its own particular purpose. It demonstrates a feeling of reason and inventiveness of style a majority of men disregard or are hesitant to appear. A great example of a celebrity known for wearing bow ties is Cam Newton of the North Carolina Panthers. Besides, him being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, he is known for his unique style and confident look off the field.


2) The Bow Tie is Timeless

Despite the bow tie not being as trendy in major cities as it was in the past, the bow tie is still favored in the south region of America. Although people in the South are in favor of wearing a bow tie to show a sense of fashion, bow tie’s still aren’t considered as trendy. On the other hand, it’s imperative to understand that an excessively vivid tie might be looked upon as humorous or odd. Tasteful bow ties, may not be something a man would wear on the ordinary, but will be an accessory that will always be ageless.


3) Bow ties are versatile

Bow ties have a one of a kind spot in men’s style as being fitting in any circumstance, whether formal, suit-and-tie or easygoing. Due to the style of a bow tie, men have diversified the look of bow ties by wearing them with street-wear such as denim jeans. The proper bow tie adds extensive panache and pop to any casual outfit. While a traditional necktie is something that would just be found in the workplace or a memorial service, the bow tie is free of these confinements. With that being said, a bow tie should cater to the formal colors and thoughtful patterns to keep the clean but unique look.


There are a plethora of reasons why someone should consider wearing a bow tie. I believe these three reasons justify why it’s important. If you’re considering on wearing a bow tie and need more persuasion you can check out this link here.

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