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All Summer 16: Top Trends for Men’s Style

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.56.01 AMAs you probably noticed by now, this summer is going to be a hot one. According to Accuweather and predictions from federal organizations like NOAA, there will be more 90 degree days on the calendar than usual and drought in some parts of the country. So, staying cool is a must. Both literally and figuratively.


Speaking of cool, looking your best is certainly one way to make sure of that. As guys, we don’t put too much thought into trends, per se. It’s usually the fit and the feel that’s most important. But if you do want to know what’s popping this year, as in, what to look for in stores or in your closet, and have the confidence to know it’s in season, this blog is for you.


  1. Not So Summer Colors
    One would think that yellow or orange would be the focus for the season. Not really. Designers are using more gray, navy blue and green. The result is cool and subdued. A welcome for the gentleman who doesn’t really like to stick out from the crowd. These classic colors will be a part of every look, formal and casual, and the good thing is they can match well with pretty much anything else.
  2. Long Shorts
    At the peak of hip hop culture, in the 90s, you could catch everyone from Jodeci to Kriss Kross with shorts almost down to their ankles. Within the last few years, however, fashion trends seemed to take a literal approach to the word “shorts,” and hem lines became higher and higher as a result. For men who found themselves a bit uncomfortable with what the industry labeled as “thigh grazers,” you can breathe a sigh of relief. Shorts are long again, hitting the knee or just above. So while the low, sagging shorts of the House Party generation won’t be back soon, there is a little more leg room for the conservative fellas.
  3. Baggy Pants
    In another throwback to old times, high fashion designers are marking 2016 with baggy trousers. No more skinny fits. According to GQ, designers have been inching toward this for a couple of seasons, and it has finally hit mainstream. So, don’t be surprised if you go try on a suit at H&M or Macy’s, even, and notice that the cut is a bit more wide than usual.
  4. Distressed Jeans
    Rips, tears, grunge will all be a part of designer denim this year. Regardless of the color. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the ones with large holes or shredding. Designers are more less giving the appearance of distress with patches and very particularly placed cuts. The goal is to move toward an effortless appearance of jeans that have been used or lived-in.

Finding Your Personal Style

pexels-photo-27452-largeLegendary designer and icon, the late Yves Saint Laurent, is attributed with the now famous quote: “Fashion fades. Style is eternal.” With over 50 years in the business, and even more time spent studying the art and history of clothing, he certainly knew a thing or two about both concepts. Adding to his point, we’ve personally witnessed (maybe even without recognizing) the transition from zoot suits to more tailored clothing, and from jeans as active or lounge wear to appropriate fashion staples, for which some companies charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Indeed, fashion does change, but the ability to adapt to trends or even influence them, is a skill. Still, what determines how that skill is developed?

First, it’s important to recognize that no one style fits all. Every man is not a fan of skinny jeans, despite their increasing popularity; conversely, not every gentlemen is a fan of ties. So, style, first is about personal comfort. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or self conscious will show, and confidence is key is to style. Hence, my first suggestion to every guy is to determine what you’re comfortable wearing, whether it is certain colors, types of clothing, or an accessory, such as hats or jewelry. That is not say your style shouldn’t evolve or develop an interest in new things over time. Rather, it’s important to know what works for you and what doesn’t. In short: personal style is about personal comfort which translates into confidence.

man-shorts-people-trunk-largeSecondly, your style should be influenced by your environment and function. In the northeastern part of the country, in places like Boston or New Haven, Connecticut for example, you may develop a proclivity for layers. It’s not uncommon to see a button down shirt, with a cardigan as well as a blazer on top, during the fall or early spring months when weather is unpredictable and wearing layers provides a chance to adjust accordingly, and it also looks nice. Likewise, someone with a penchant for scarves maybe a guy who lives in a colder climate. Yet, in places like Miami or Southern California, the style is more relaxed, usually erring toward tank tops, sandals, and other relative pieces that reflect the climate and overall environment of how people in the area live. This is not limited to weather, however, someone who works in an office building will obviously develop a different and arguably more refined style than someone who does not. Professional style is a result of environment.

KurtaAnother factor which influences personal style is culture. The kurta pyjama from India and the Irish kilt are both cultural forms of clothing that have been adapted to modern fashion, and presently influence the style choices of men of those respective cultures. Religious culture as well may play a role in style choices, like the Jewish kippah, which men of the faith wear on their heads to symbolize recognition of a higher power. In all cases, culture will guide and likely influence how and what you wear and your expression of style.

fashion-man-wristwatch-model-largeThe take away here is that finding your style should be about what looks, works, and feels good for you: what works for your body type or stature, the climate or environment, or what is a part of your culture. Things become trendy, and certain things work for certain people, but as a man of style, you will always be on point if you’re doing it with confidence and making whatever choice of clothing, your own.

Leo Pollard Teaches How To Tie A Bow Tie

Leo Pollard gives insight on how to tie a bow tie properly. In this SlideShare, you will receive instructions and a demonstration on how to tie a bow tie with actual pictures from Leo to guide you through the process.

3 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Bow Tie

Leo Pollard

A bow tie has become more abnormal, as time continues to change. In today’s society, you are more likely to see people with a regular necktie versus a bow tie. The style of a necktie has become the more popular and basic trend. Although wearing a necktie has become prominent over time, people should consider wearing a bow tie. This form of a tie brings back the style of the 40’s and 50’s when wearing a bow tie was a normal fashion trend. To give you some insight on bow ties, I have created a list on three reasons why wearing a bow tie can be beneficial to your style and success.


1) Bow Ties Generates Confidence

Wearing a bow tie will get you noticed and help you emerge from the competition when going on an interview. Wearing a bow tie, with a tailored suit and polished shoes, demonstrates the sense of style and confidence. The bow tie isn’t ostentatious or worn to be seen for its own particular purpose. It demonstrates a feeling of reason and inventiveness of style a majority of men disregard or are hesitant to appear. A great example of a celebrity known for wearing bow ties is Cam Newton of the North Carolina Panthers. Besides, him being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, he is known for his unique style and confident look off the field.


2) The Bow Tie is Timeless

Despite the bow tie not being as trendy in major cities as it was in the past, the bow tie is still favored in the south region of America. Although people in the South are in favor of wearing a bow tie to show a sense of fashion, bow tie’s still aren’t considered as trendy. On the other hand, it’s imperative to understand that an excessively vivid tie might be looked upon as humorous or odd. Tasteful bow ties, may not be something a man would wear on the ordinary, but will be an accessory that will always be ageless.


3) Bow ties are versatile

Bow ties have a one of a kind spot in men’s style as being fitting in any circumstance, whether formal, suit-and-tie or easygoing. Due to the style of a bow tie, men have diversified the look of bow ties by wearing them with street-wear such as denim jeans. The proper bow tie adds extensive panache and pop to any casual outfit. While a traditional necktie is something that would just be found in the workplace or a memorial service, the bow tie is free of these confinements. With that being said, a bow tie should cater to the formal colors and thoughtful patterns to keep the clean but unique look.


There are a plethora of reasons why someone should consider wearing a bow tie. I believe these three reasons justify why it’s important. If you’re considering on wearing a bow tie and need more persuasion you can check out this link here.

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