Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.56.01 AMAs you probably noticed by now, this summer is going to be a hot one. According to Accuweather and predictions from federal organizations like NOAA, there will be more 90 degree days on the calendar than usual and drought in some parts of the country. So, staying cool is a must. Both literally and figuratively.


Speaking of cool, looking your best is certainly one way to make sure of that. As guys, we don’t put too much thought into trends, per se. It’s usually the fit and the feel that’s most important. But if you do want to know what’s popping this year, as in, what to look for in stores or in your closet, and have the confidence to know it’s in season, this blog is for you.


  1. Not So Summer Colors
    One would think that yellow or orange would be the focus for the season. Not really. Designers are using more gray, navy blue and green. The result is cool and subdued. A welcome for the gentleman who doesn’t really like to stick out from the crowd. These classic colors will be a part of every look, formal and casual, and the good thing is they can match well with pretty much anything else.
  2. Long Shorts
    At the peak of hip hop culture, in the 90s, you could catch everyone from Jodeci to Kriss Kross with shorts almost down to their ankles. Within the last few years, however, fashion trends seemed to take a literal approach to the word “shorts,” and hem lines became higher and higher as a result. For men who found themselves a bit uncomfortable with what the industry labeled as “thigh grazers,” you can breathe a sigh of relief. Shorts are long again, hitting the knee or just above. So while the low, sagging shorts of the House Party generation won’t be back soon, there is a little more leg room for the conservative fellas.
  3. Baggy Pants
    In another throwback to old times, high fashion designers are marking 2016 with baggy trousers. No more skinny fits. According to GQ, designers have been inching toward this for a couple of seasons, and it has finally hit mainstream. So, don’t be surprised if you go try on a suit at H&M or Macy’s, even, and notice that the cut is a bit more wide than usual.
  4. Distressed Jeans
    Rips, tears, grunge will all be a part of designer denim this year. Regardless of the color. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the ones with large holes or shredding. Designers are more less giving the appearance of distress with patches and very particularly placed cuts. The goal is to move toward an effortless appearance of jeans that have been used or lived-in.